Archive and Library
    of the Swiss Mennonite Conference
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Presentation of the ALCMS

The Archive and Library of the Swiss Mennonite Conference (ALCMS) carefully archives bibles, documents and other objects deposited at the Jeangui chapel witnessing to more than four centuries of Anabaptist history.

The ALCMS are administrated by the Archive Committee, a working group of the Conference of Mennonites in Switzerland (CMS).


For a detailed history of the CMS Archive, please consult Handbuch der historischen Buchbestände in der Schweiz (an article on the ALCMS). 

Here's also an introduction to the life and work of Samuel Henri Geiser (in French), one of the founder of the Archive.


The users of the Archive may consult the internal regulations.


You can support the ALCMS through the bank account: Commission des Archives CMS, IBAN CH41 0624 0016 0362 6160 4, Clientis-CEC.